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Searching for Marilyn Monroe

Hemingway once said

"There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit at a typewriter and bleed."

that may be true, but a bottle of wine won't hurt, and that is essentially what's to be found in this slim volume of unique and powerful stories and parables. Author Pae Veo explores the life lessons to be learned in his often - Kafkaesque realms: isolation, failure, addiction, moral dilemmas and the absurdities of everyday life. In places where hope rarely ventures, imagination usually does; take it lightly, and drink as much as necessary - but by all means, excuse the blood. 

The Pèrelin Decline 

After an accident that caused Simon de Blanch to lose memory of past events, she finds herself putting together a past with the only clues she left behind--an endless number of ordinary rocks.

Becoming a modern Sisyphean hero, she becomes captivated with discovering the origin and reason behind such a strange collection while exploring the historic city of La Rochelle.

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